Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So, we took a vacation to Hawaii last week. Mike's cousin, Kevin lives there so we stay with him and his family when we go. The weather was beautiful, and we all had a lot of fun at the beaches. I even tried surfing! Kevin said I was alot better then most people when they first start, but I only made it onto one knee with one foot up. The waves just weren't in my favor. (sorry no pictures of that, we had to go too far out to get to the waves) So, enjoy the pictures. The first one is of Dustin, he kept asking to be buried in the sand, so I finally took care of that for him.
A Hawaiin sunset from sunset beach, North Shore, Oahu. See how nice and calm the ocean is? During the winter months they have lots of surf contests here because the waves are so huge.

Dustin finally got brave and jumped in the nice, 80 degree water.

Emily tried out boogie boarding.

The kids spent every night catching geckos, look closely!

The Hawaii temple, also on North shore, Oahu.

This is Waimea Falls. They allow you to swim here, but there are signs all over saying there is bacteria in the water and not to swim if you have any open wounds, so we opted not to.

At Waimea Falls, there are peacocks everywhere. They are so tame they just walk right up to you.

Our last day in Hawaii. We had to take a picture of all the kids on a surfboard.