Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Easter Sunday

Okay, so I cannot get blogger to co-operate today. It will only let me type on the bottom and I cannot re-arrange the pictures like I normally do. So we are all out of order here. But I think you all can guess what's going on. We've got lots of pictures of every body dying eggs, some of the hunt (mostly Alexis, sorry, but she is just so cute!) And then, my kids after church in their nice clothes. Got to brag a little bit, I made the girls' dresses, purses and hair bows. Aren't they adorable? I figure I've got to do it now because Emily is going to get to that age really soon where it won't be "cool" any more.

Monday, March 10, 2008

February's gone!

Even with an extra day, it still dissapeared. Although two weeks of the month was spent dealing with the rest of the family getting this horrid flu/virus thing. Luckily Alexis and Dustin only got it for one day each, but they both had the flu shot this year, so I think we were in the minority and actually got one of the strands covered by it this year. Mike had it for three or four days but was still managing to go to work for at least half a day. Me? Oh it was great. I had the high fever of 103 to 104 for five days before I started almost passing out every time I got up. I finally went in to Kaiser and sat there for a few hours getting some fluid and oxygen pumped into me. (They gave me the O2 because I almost fainted on them while going to a room) I still ran the fever for a few more days. I got to the point where I couldn't get up to feed the kids anymore, so Mike's dad took the little ones, and I left Mike and Emily to fend for themselves and I slept and slept and slept. So the illness itself lasted me a full week, just like Emily. Then for the full next week, I was still so tired and weak, that I was falling asleep two to three times a day. So this stupid illness took two weeks from my life! (On the plus side I lost five pounds and haven't gained it back) So now I am preparing for our Easter break. I started to make the girls dresses before I got sick, then didn't touch them for those two weeks, so I want to get them done this week before school gets out. I don't want to feel rushed, that's when you make mistakes. But we also (we being Emily) have a huge animal project due by Friday, that (of course) got left until the last week to do. Why do I do this to myself? School has gotten so crazy. She has so much homework for being in the third grade. I didn't get regular every night homework until I was in junior high. And I don't remember having to do big projects like this until I was old enough to take care of it on my own. What am I going to do next year when I have to help two of them? Blah. Oh yeah, I got Dustin all registered for Kindergarten on Friday. WooHoo! He has been driving me nuts the last couple of months. "I'm bored" I hear that probably 20 times a day. So I give him things to do. He actually (kind of) cleaned my toilets for me. He helps with the dishes and laundry. Pretty much anything I ask him to do, but it doesn't last long then we are back to the boredom again. I have been spending about three hours a day sitting in my front yard so he can ride his bike. As you can imagine, that doesn't help my house cleaning very much. I don't understand what happens there. I go to bed and everything is fine, then by the time the morning rush is over I look around and wonder what happened to my clean house, and why do I even bother cleaning it when it's just going to end up looking horrible again the next day? Okay, I think I've ranted and raved enough for one night. It's kind of late and I seem to be jumping from one subject to the next. My tired brain doesn't work very well. Good night all!