Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So far this year...

Early in January, I finally heard enough of Alexis complaining about learning to ride her bike without training wheels and decided it was time. We had a warm, sunny day, so I went out and took the training wheels off and called Alexis outside. She was excited for about a minute, then decided she was scared and wanted to quit. I told her that we were out there, the wheels were off, and we were doing it now! I ran up and down the street with her for about half an hour before she was confident. Now there is no stopping her! Since no one else was home, I had to take the pictures while running next to her, but they didn't turn out too bad.

If you look closely, you can see the "tongue of concentration". When she is concentrating really hard on something, her tongue comes out, or pokes out her cheek. I'm glad she didn't fall and bite it!

Later that month, I got a call from her teacher saying that she was chosen for student of the month! She said that Alexis is very sweet and nice to everyone. She has never cried or acted up in class and tries to help other kids in her class when she can.

Here she is getting her medal from our PTC president. And with some of the other kindergartners. (It was also the 100th day of school, so that is why the little boy next to her is wearing that)
And finally with her teacher Mrs. Ramey. We love her! She is the best kindergarten teacher ever!

In February, Mike and I were able to take a little mini-vacation and flew to Austin, Texas. We had fun visiting the state capitol and the Texas state history museum. We also went to the University of Texas (go Longhorns). We drove to San Antonio to see the Alamo. We got there at 5:35pm, only to discover that the Alamo closes at 5:30pm! Slightly disappointed (especially after we paid the $10 to park, and they did not inform us of this). We were still able to look through all of the openings, we just didn't get to read the signs or take a tour. Oh well. We walked along the riverwalk. It was a very beautiful place. We need something like that In Bakersfield!

March (and so far in April) have been super busy months because baseball and softball season have started. I am running most nights of the week. It gets a little crazy some nights when both Emily and Dustin have games or practice. I am looking forward to Spring Break. We don't have any big plans, but these kids are not going to be happy when they discover that they have to clean! I decided we are doing one major house project a day (such as cleaning windows). I've also decided that at least Emily and Dustin are going to learn how to iron clothes. Every Sunday morning I call for clothes to be ironed. Sometimes I get a shirt or dress, sometimes I don't. Then it comes time to get dressed and I'll be in the middle of curling my hair when a frantic child will show up wanting something ironed. I won't do it at that point. Therefore, they will be learning to iron and be in charge of doing it themselves.

Well, I've ranted enough for today!