Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Time

Here are the kids with Santa at our previously mentioned Ward Christmas party. We took photos for all the kiddos. The funny thing is that the guy who was Santa has a couple of kids and many grandkids in our ward. The only kids that were screaming were his own grandkids. I thought that was hilarious.

And just to get everyone in the Holiday Spirit... I present "Christmas toes" (These are Alexis' feet)
And speaking of Alexis, we've had quite a fun few weeks with this girl. It started out when I was in my room, sorting laundry and she was in the living room, playing with money. She came in to me screaming at the top of her lungs (anybody who knows Alexis, knows she is a very quiet girl, this is totally out of character for her) So I'm telling her to calm down because I can't understand what she's saying, finally I hear "I swallowed a penny" I thought she was too old for this stuff, I thought I was past the putting things in the mouth stage. Nope. So I called the doctor just to see what they say, and they tell me to take her to an urgent care and get xrays. How fun. So we do that, and from the looks of the xray, it was a quarter, not a penny, but she calls all coins pennys, so I wasn't all that surprised. So they tell me to fish through her poo, and if it doesn't come out in 48 hours, bring her back. (this was all on a Monday) So Mike and I looked (mostly Mike, she kept going when I would leave the house) (haha) and we never saw (or felt) anything, so on Friday night they call to see if she had "made a deposit" yet, and told us to give her laxitives, both oral and suppository. Oh yeah, fun. So I took her back in again Saturday night for more xrays, and guess what? It's gone. She must have snuck one out and not told us. So who knows how long we were doing that yucky stuff for nothing.
Then last week she suddenly got very sick, running a fever of almost 104 and coughing, so back to the doctor. She was panting by the time we got there and her heart was beating like a hummingbird. She was also just laying there. Not fun. It took them several breathing treatments to get it under control. She has a bit of asthma, and it only acts up when she's sick. She has bronchitis right now, so she's on some really strong antibiotics, steroids, and several different breathing treatments a day. So, that's why I painted her toenails. It makes her happy. Other then that we are all doing good, and the kids are ready for Christmas. So Merry Christmas to all my readers out there. I know I hardly ever post, so most of you won't see this for a while, but have a good one!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dustin's 6th Birthday

Dustin's birthday was on Thanksgiving this year (poor kid) so we decided at the last minute to have his party the weekend before. He invited over a few friends and they had a great time playing with his new things. This was the favorite present. They had a lot of fun seeing who could get the rockets to go the highest. And I had a fun time sweeping them off the roof!
When I asked Dustin what kind of cake he wanted he answered "Chocolate. With chocolate frosting." He must be my kid. So I asked what would you like on top of your cake? and he said star wars. That left it open quite a bit. So I googled "easy star wars cakes" and you would not believe the cakes that popped up. They most definatly did not look easy. So after a few pages, I found this cake. Anyone who has seen the movies will recognize this scene.

It was a little soft and the men kept sinking in, so that's where the toothpicks came in, and I could not get the lava frosting red enough, so Mike finally made me quit before I made it any worse. So once again I ended up with one of those cakes that doesn't look as good as I want it to, but it tasted good!
As for other things, Mike and I got called to be the activities chairpeople about two weeks before Halloween. So we had to throw together the Halloween party at the last second. (With no committee) Ugh! It was not fun at all. (for us, everyone else seemed to have a good time) So we had our Christmas party planned for Dec. 13th, and we got to church two weeks ago to find out that they did not reserve the building for us, and the only open date was the 6th. So it's been a bit of a stressful two weeks, and I am sooooo glad it's over. Everything turned out beautifully this time, and I actually got to sit and eat for about five minutes. I hate to admit it, but I actually work better under last minute stress. Way back in high school I wouldn't write my term papers until the night before, and they were always decent. The longer I have to do things the more I second guess myself and redo them, usually the first thing I come up with is the best. Okay, so now you've all had a little peak into my inner self. Christmas and Mike's birthday are coming up soon and we are not prepared. But I can at least try to post soon after they happen!