Monday, January 28, 2008

Thirty Five !!!

It's official! Mike is half way to seventy! (hey, he's the one who came up with that, not me) Well, that's all for the pictures. I haven't taken any since then. I am bad at taking pictures. As for other events in our life...
Mike called into a radio station a few weeks ago and got us on the air to play a game called "relationship roulette" They asked him questions first, then they called me at home and asked me the same questions. I am happy to say that we won! They gave us Lenny Kravitz tickets for his show in Santa Monica. It was his first show on this tour, and it was great! He played alot of different instruments along with singing. I didn't realize how talented he is.
I spent the last week at home with Emily. She had some strange flu/virus that knocked her out from Sunday to Saturday. She just stayed in bed, barely eating or drinking, and ran a fever of 103-104 for several days. I am happy to say that she survived church yesterday and went back to school today. No one else has got it yet (knock on wood)
Well, that's all that has been going on recently.

Christmas cards

For those of you who didn't get a Christmas card, I am really sorry. I didn't think about them until the 20th of December or so, and I did my best to get them out, but after wards I realized that I forgot some people. So here is the photo that we put on our cards this year.


Dustin was chosen to play Joseph in his preshcool play. He was so handsome standing up there. (I know that the end of January is here already, but I haven't downloaded pictures in a while)
There is a little boy named Joseph in Dustin's class at school, so he asked me, "If I'm going to be Joseph, who's going to be Dustin?"