Monday, October 26, 2009


Emily got the first student of the month this year. Go Emily!

Here is our PTA president giving it to her.
Here she is closing her eyes against the morning sun.

Next came Grandpa's wedding. Mike's dad got re-married. It was very dark in the church and my flash is missing (any body know where it's at?), so I only took a couple of pictures in there.

Here are the cousin's minus Savannah. I never did get a picture of her.
Dustin, the ring bearer. He's so handsome, I think I'm going to have to peel the girl's off of him when he gets older.

Emily was a bridesmaid. Loved the spiral curls.

Here's Alexis. I made her this dress because they felt that she was too young to be in the ceremony and I knew she would be heart broken if she was the only one there without a spiffy new outfit. I took her to the fabric store and let her pick out what she wanted, so we ended up with a pink dress with a sparkly overlay on the skirt.

Lastly, Dustin again. The poor boy lost his two front teeth. He's speaking with a hiss/lisp now. It's funny. The first tooth was hanging by a string so Mike pushed it and it fell out. The second tooth then went completely crooked and Dustin started showing me how cool it was that he could turn it all the way around. It was nasty so I grabbed him and made Mike yank it out. Yes, I am mean like that. It bled. A lot. So that is why there is a little bit of blood on his nose. Mike felt guilty and bought him a pack of pokemon cards, so he was happy then.

All I want for Halloween is my two front teeth!
Up next, Emily's birthday, then Halloween.