Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's been going on?

I just wanted everyone to know that I was going to post pictures from the family re-union today, (I know, it was a month ago) but every once in a while my camera decides it is going to "eat" all of the pictures on it. When this happens, Mike has to take out the memory card and work some magic to remove them. Eventually I will get a bit better of a camera. We bought the kodak easy share because it is so easy to use, but it doesn't take that great of pictures and if you try to blow them up, they look horribly grainy.

On another note, we finally got Dustin into a pre-school! He will start next Tuesday. He is less than excited. All I hear from him is "I don't want to go to school" Thank goodness that I didn't start him in kindergarten this year. It would have been a disaster. We go to a play group with some ladies in the ward once a week and last week he discovered almost all of the kids in his class started school already, so I think he is finally starting to figure out it's inevitable.

Today I have been getting ready for our big Labor Day camping trip. I think it's going to be a little scarce this year. Everybody keeps moving away and not coming back. If mama feels better after her "procedure" today, they will go too. So we'll see. I know there are always plenty of people up at Big Meadow for this weekend, but it will be a bit lonely without a lot of family around.