Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween night at my parents home. Everyone is so excited, can't you tell? After this we went to Alice's ward party and had a great time. They had some fun carnival games and a spook alley. We didn't do any door to door trick or treating this year because fewer and fewer people are handing out candy. A lot of the churches around here do the "safe halloween" parties now, and they attract huge crowds.
This is Alexis at school for the kids' parade, she had to get dressed up too. It was very windy (our yes on prop 8 sign blew away) so that's why she's holding her hat on. Isn't she the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

Here is Darth (Dustin) Vader. He wouldn't put out his light sabor, but at least he carried it.

And here is Tinker Bell Emily. (She's a little obsessed with Tinker Bell lately, can you tell?) I actually made this costume, wings and all. The wings were shaped a lot better when I made them, but they got desroyed really fast.

Emily's 9th Birthday (and Eddie's 39th)

As everyone knows, (or should know) Emily was born on Eddie's 30th birthday. I remember him coming to the hospital to see us and I tried to stammer out an apology (lots of drugs, not enough sleep) and he said something to the effect of "No! This is great! Now I never have to celebrate another birthday again, it will be all about her" We can't let that happen, we always sing to him, but this year we put together a few cupcakes and made him blow out some candles too. Emily invited three friends over, and spent the entire night giggling with them. She wanted a Tinkerbell cake, so once again I made one of those cakes that tastes a whole lot better then it looks. But like Mike said, it's better then a cake that looks perfect and tasted horrible. Thanks to everyone who came and sent birthday cards.