Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween night at my parents home. Everyone is so excited, can't you tell? After this we went to Alice's ward party and had a great time. They had some fun carnival games and a spook alley. We didn't do any door to door trick or treating this year because fewer and fewer people are handing out candy. A lot of the churches around here do the "safe halloween" parties now, and they attract huge crowds.
This is Alexis at school for the kids' parade, she had to get dressed up too. It was very windy (our yes on prop 8 sign blew away) so that's why she's holding her hat on. Isn't she the most adorable thing you've ever seen?

Here is Darth (Dustin) Vader. He wouldn't put out his light sabor, but at least he carried it.

And here is Tinker Bell Emily. (She's a little obsessed with Tinker Bell lately, can you tell?) I actually made this costume, wings and all. The wings were shaped a lot better when I made them, but they got desroyed really fast.


Jenn said...

Cute costumes! I remember that living room! We only do the "safe" events anymore ourselves. No one goes door-to-door down here.

Jen said...

Cool costumes. Bruce and I are amazed at how much Emmarsyn looks like Alexis. The picture with her peeking over the table at the birthday party could totally be Emmarsyn so we are thinking that it is mostly through the eyes. Anyway - cute pictures!

Jen Wolff said...

Great job on the costumes! I hate the fact that our school does not allow costumes! Bah Humbug!

kanabanana said...

I love the costumes! Happy Birthday to Emily and Eddie! Hey, I will be the first to comment without the name Jenn!