Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So far in 2012...

So, it's been almost a year since I've posted anything. I'll just re-cap our summer since that is the only time we do anything! We started our summer with having Jacob, Brian, and Kevin here for a little over a week. All the kids had so much fun together. We timed it so that I would be taking them home for Katrina's wedding. After having a month of car issues (which finally got resolved the morning we left) I was a little nervous driving across that desert with six kids by myself, but we made it! Even better, it only took us about seven hours, and that was with four rest area stops, one lunch stop, and one gas fill up! It was super hot in Phoenix, big surprise, and the kids continued to play well together. The wedding and reception were beautiful and I loved visiting with everyone.

July brought about a birthday. Alexis turned seven this year. One of Mike's co-workers made these crabby patty cupcakes. They looked and tasted really good!
This is the cake I put together for her when family came over. Like I've said before, it's a good thing they taste good because I do not have the decorative touch.
In August, Mike had a week of training in Newport Beach, I know, rough. We took the opportunity to head up to the hills and spent a week at Big Meadow. It started off with a lot of excitement. As soon as we got there, one of our friends was trying to disconnect his fifth wheel and got his hand stuck in the crank. He knew if he didn't get loose, it would take his finger off, so he yanked it out! It ripped the finger open all the way to the bone, so they came to borrow a car to go to the hospital. My parents then noticed that they had a flat tire, so I quickly had the kids help me unload our car and sent them on their way. That was enough excitement for one week, so we spent the rest of the time playing lots of dominos and other games. Corinna, Carissa, and Caitlyn came up for a few days but they had to leave early to get the girls registered for high school.
After we got home, I got a phone call from Dustin's scout leader. She said if Dustin completed two things, he would have his bear. One was to make an emergency contact list, and the other was to write down ways that he practices his religion. We did those and he received his award. Here he is trying to stab me with the mother's pin. Who thought of that idea? I know let's give young boys this sharp object and have them pin it to their mother's shirt! It's a little scary.
We've been in school for about two and a half weeks now. I took first day of school pictures with my cell phone this year and have not down loaded them. I think we got some good teachers this year. My only complaint is that the class sizes are huge and I know the teachers cannot offer the individual attention that kids need sometimes. So far they have all done okay, so hopefully that continues on.
And now for the next piece of news. Mike is getting his own Best Buy store! They are opening a Best Buy Mobile in our mall. Mike interviewed for and got the general manager position. He will be starting in a couple of weeks. He will be spending some time in Florida for training. Bummer for him, huh? The store will have its grand opening on Black Friday. We will probably not see Mike from late October until late January. Go ahead, laugh. But it's true. He'll be working or sleeping. Fun times!
I know I need to keep up on this better. I've been a slacker. I hope all is well with everybody!