Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Alexis' second birthday

I can't believe that it has been two years since my little one was born. Time really does fly. Makes me a bit sad. We celebrated Alexis' birthday on Sunday, so everyone could make it. This first picture is the kids before church in the outfits we bought them in Hawaii. That's right, genuine tourist clothing! This was the first time I made them all wear them on the same day, so I had to take a picture.
This is the cake I made. I know I'm not as talented as some of you, but this is actually pretty good for me. When I asked Alexis what kind of cake she wanted, (no, I wasn't expecting her to answer) she said "quack, quack" So I got on the internet and typed in "duck cakes" and a whole bunch of pictures came up. Then she got really excited and started yelling "QUACK QUACK! QUACK QUACK!" I got a bunch of really good, easy ideas, and here you go! (By the way, the ducks are in a bubble bath)

Alexis really like it when we all started singing to her. She thought it was great. Just look at that precious face! We tried to convince her for a while to blow out the candles, but she didn't get it. Even after all the other kids were done eating and moving on to playing, she sat there and ate every little bit off her plate. It might not look perfect, but it tastes great!

Finally done eating, we brought her into the living room to open the presents. It took her a little help to get going, but once she had it figured out, there was no stopping her. Just to let you know how sweet she is, after she opened each present, she took each one to a different person. Either she was sharing, or she just wanted them all out of the boxes faster.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Transformers W/ Dad

Well on 7/7/07 I (Mike) took Emily and Dustin to see Transformers. We started our day at Albertsons buying sour patch kids and Gummy worms. We had already gotten drinks from home. We showed up an hour early and messed around in the lobby and I took some pics of the kids (see Below). Then we went to theatre number eight and there was a sign that said "line starts here" so we just went in LOL its me what do you think I would do. Ok this is the part where I cry during the movie, ok one of the parts. Optimus Prime is shown Transforming (SOOOOO AWESOME) WOOOOOOOO it choked me up, and to be sharing part of my childhood with my children was great Dustin yelled out "there's Optimus dad". The other part I tear up at is the part when the new Camaro shows up "man is the money gonna roll in when that thing hits the showroom" but all in all everyone who is, was, or are currently a fan of Transformers should at least see this movie twice.....


Fourth of July

We celebrated the fourth on two different days. On the Saturday before, we went up to Lake Isabella to watch the big show they put on over the lake. Mike's dad lives up there, so we went with him. We also met up with some of our friends from Ridgecrest, so I've got a few shots of their kids in here too.

Alexis really liked the fireworks. She kept yelling for everyone to look.

After the show was over, everyone was in such a big hurry to leave, we decided to stay a little longer to let traffic clear out, so we trapped the kids in the back of the truck, that way we didn't have to worry about them getting run over.

Getting ready to go to Alice and Ed's on the Fourth to watch the BC show from their backyard. Alexis once again liked the big fireworks in the sky, but she wasn't too happy with the ones we were setting off in the backyard. She would look for a second, then bury her head in our shoulders. At least she wasn't screaming.

Alexis enjoying some good food. I mostly took this picture so you can see her cute hairdo. This is the first time she sat still long enough for me to put clips in. A little while after I did it, I saw something in her hair so I called her over to see what it was. It was a "made in China" sticker.