Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fourth of July

We celebrated the fourth on two different days. On the Saturday before, we went up to Lake Isabella to watch the big show they put on over the lake. Mike's dad lives up there, so we went with him. We also met up with some of our friends from Ridgecrest, so I've got a few shots of their kids in here too.

Alexis really liked the fireworks. She kept yelling for everyone to look.

After the show was over, everyone was in such a big hurry to leave, we decided to stay a little longer to let traffic clear out, so we trapped the kids in the back of the truck, that way we didn't have to worry about them getting run over.

Getting ready to go to Alice and Ed's on the Fourth to watch the BC show from their backyard. Alexis once again liked the big fireworks in the sky, but she wasn't too happy with the ones we were setting off in the backyard. She would look for a second, then bury her head in our shoulders. At least she wasn't screaming.

Alexis enjoying some good food. I mostly took this picture so you can see her cute hairdo. This is the first time she sat still long enough for me to put clips in. A little while after I did it, I saw something in her hair so I called her over to see what it was. It was a "made in China" sticker.


kiahnaw said...

We had fun thanks for inviting us along! Your wood floor looks great, and your kids are adorable.

Merrimom said...

That's funny about the sticker. I've never had that problem, hmmmm, something about having three boys I guess.