Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I know, its been forever...

Okay! I'm back. I took a nice long summer break. I enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in. I did not enjoy being a referee.

Here we are walking to school on the first day. Right as I pressed the button, Dustin ran in front of Mike, you can see his shoe if you look. I wanted this picture, but the sun was behind us and the shadows were bad, so I did not take another one.
Emily, first day of fifth grade. She was obviously very excited to be there. Especially after she saw the stack of books waiting on her desk.

Dustin, first day of first grade. He actually was very excited and couldn't wait to see what friends were going to be in his class and to meet his teacher.
Here he is exploring his desk. He sat right down and started chatting with the little boy next to him like they'd known each other forever. It was so cute.
Here is Alexis the next day on her first day of preschool. She was super-duper excited. She hated being all alone all day last year while Dustin was in K. She was always asking me if she could go to school. She goes two days a week and doesn't stop talking about it in between. She keeps track of the days and knows when she goes. So she is loving it!

Mike and I are still plugging along in school. It's been about eight months. Only three more years to go...