Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alexis' 1st haircut

I was brushing Alexis' hair, and wondering why she has this spot on the back of her head that is always ratty looking (see below picture) Even when it is freshly clean and I brush it out wet, it's still there. Then I realized she is almost 2 1/2 years old and has never had a hair cut! This was her left over new born baby hair that never fell out. So here are the front and back before pictures.
I took her to a new place near our house called cool cuts 4 kids. I was hoping that since it was for kids they would be able to handle it if she started having problems. It was very nice, as you see they have nice little fire truck chairs, and they have little tv's in front of them. So she sat there and watched Dora the Explorer. She was a little nervous because she demanded her "paci" and sucked it very rapidly. But she held still and didn't cry or complain, although she kept looking at me and the stylist like we were crazy.
And here's the after picture. She took one to two inches off the back of her hair to even it out, and she cut off all the ratty looking hair. Then she trimmed the front of it so it lays across her forehead a little nicer then before. She got a sucker and a free hair bow. They took a polaroid of her and put it in a card with a lock of her hair. I took this picture when we got out of the store, she still wasn't very sure what was going on, but I'm so glad that she didn't scream or cry.

Dustin's 5th Birthday

Dustin celebrated turning five last Tuesday. We had everyone over after church on Sunday. He loves the movie "Cars" so he picked out a cars cake. He was so glad that his cousins were able to come. We still had a full house even though there aren't too many living around here anymore. He got a few more toys from the movie to add to his collection, and he got a little football and the game hungry hungry hippo. And the big gift was a new bike! He has gotten way too big for his other one and was looking quite silly riding it. He was starting to take Emily's and ride it while she was at school, then he looked even sillier riding a pink and purple bike with streamers around, so it was time for a new one.