Saturday, July 7, 2007

Transformers W/ Dad

Well on 7/7/07 I (Mike) took Emily and Dustin to see Transformers. We started our day at Albertsons buying sour patch kids and Gummy worms. We had already gotten drinks from home. We showed up an hour early and messed around in the lobby and I took some pics of the kids (see Below). Then we went to theatre number eight and there was a sign that said "line starts here" so we just went in LOL its me what do you think I would do. Ok this is the part where I cry during the movie, ok one of the parts. Optimus Prime is shown Transforming (SOOOOO AWESOME) WOOOOOOOO it choked me up, and to be sharing part of my childhood with my children was great Dustin yelled out "there's Optimus dad". The other part I tear up at is the part when the new Camaro shows up "man is the money gonna roll in when that thing hits the showroom" but all in all everyone who is, was, or are currently a fan of Transformers should at least see this movie twice.....


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kiahnaw said...

That is so awesome that you could share that with your kids! I knew you were a softie Mike, but come one when Optimus Prime transforms! ;) Glad to see you posting to the blog, now we need to get Eric to post!!