Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Emily's Baptism

Emily got baptized last Saturday, November 3rd. She was nervous, but stayed calm. We also confirmed her while everyone was there and that was a good thing because we had four baby blessings the next day. Thank you to all of our family and friends who came. We appreciate all the love and support. It makes getting through this crazy life a lot easier when you have a lot of people who care about you.

This first picture is before we started the whole program. Mike was really loving being in this "straight from the 70's" polyester jump suit. *note to Bakersfield stake: spend a little money on some newer cotton suits!*

This is Emily in her absolutely beautiful gown! I put the finishing touches on it that morning. Talk about last minute. (Although I did have a friend who's mom was in the car driving to the temple while finishing her wedding dress, so at least it wasn't that bad...)
And here we all are back at home. I can never get everyone to smile at the same time. I realized after we took this picture that we were all wearing white except for Alexis. Oh well. It was a beautiful day and everything went smoothly. There was a wonderful spirit there, and we had two friends with children that also got baptized. So it was a lot of fun with them all there. After wards Mike invited all of them over to our house. I had only planned food for 25 people, and we probably had double that show up. I got comments from a few of them about how I had fed the multitudes and how they didn't know how there was enough food for everyone. So we also had a little miracle that day.


kiahnaw said...

So glad we could be there for Emily's special day. I would have never known that you didn't plan for that many people! You are both always so generous of others!
Catch ya later.

kiahnaw said...

PS You will be missed at our party this weekend. We would love for you to come another time!

Jenn said...

How neat! Congrats to her! LOL about the stake - I'd put in a word for you if I still had any influence, but my FIL was released this week. :P