Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break

This year for spring break we stayed at home, cleaned the house and had a yard sale. On Thursday night, Mike suggested we go to the L.A. Zoo. I ignored him. On Friday morning, Mike's cousin Mark called and said he and his family were going to the L.A. Zoo on Saturday and asked if we'd like to go too. We agreed to if the weather stayed nice. We were expecting thunder storms. Well, it turned out to be a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too cold. Only a few clouds floated over, some of them were very dark and scary looking, but not a drop fell on us. The zoo was having some Easter activities, so we did a few that were not too crowded. We petted the bunnies. (Dustin is in this picture too, see the extra hand?) I let the kids each pick a giant egg to have their pictures taken in front of.

Alexis made some bunny ears. (Emily felt she was too old for this and as soon as she said that Dustin put his ears back)

We were able to make it around the whole zoo and see all the animals there. We were there a little over five hours and we took a nice long lunch break and several smaller snack breaks, so the kids all stayed happy. We didn't feel rushed, so that was good. The only animal the kids wanted a picture of was the flamingos. I'm not one of those people to take pictures of every single animal in the zoo, so that was the only animal pic I took. After we left the zoo, Alexis really wanted to go to the beach. Unfortunatly, we had not planned this, so we didn't bring any beach toys. She didn't want to play in the water, she wanted to play in the sand. We drove over to the Santa Monica Pier and got there just before sunset. So, we walked on the pier and watched the sun set, we watched some people fishing, we walked around the rides, then we went down in the sand and let her push it around with her hands for a little while. Once the sun had set, a very cold wind came in, so we didn't stay there for very long.
That is a monkey on Alexis' back. While we were walking around the rides, a lady walked up to Alexis and asked her if she wanted it. She was so happy, so I hung it around her neck and sat it in her hood so it would not get lost. Oh, and that's cotton candy on their faces. We didn't get home until 10:30pm. The kids had all slept at one time or another, so I had to force them to go to bed when we got home. I was so tired. At least our legs got a good work out!

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Jen Wolff said...

We almost went to the pier on Thursday, but went to Newport instead. Looks like you guys had some great family time!