Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dustin's kindergarten graduation

I can't believe this school year is over already. Dustin had a great time in Kindergarten and is eager to start first grade. He will really miss Mrs. Ramey. (He's absolutely gaga over her, but don't tell him I told you) She was passing out the diploma's so fast and so many parents were around taking pictures that I didn't get a really good one of them together. Oh well.
Here he is in front of the cute backdrop that they made.

And a close up of him and his diploma. He doesn't know how to smile for pictures. This is his fake, picture smile. (I hate it, he has such a cute real smile) So, now on to summer time. I am going to have to think of some busy things to do or they are going to drive me nuts. Emily will be in the fifth grade next year, and Alexis is going to start pre-school two days a week. That's going to be nice. It will allow me to actually get my own school work done without any interruptions. WooHoo! Oh, by the way, in case I didn't mention it before, Mike and I have both gone back to school. We do two classes at a time, and they are nine weeks each. Tomorrow is the last day of our second set of classes. It has been interesting. I think that the first couple of classes are to get you used to how things work at the school, and then they are really going to start laying the hard stuff on us.
Mike also (finally) got a job. He is working for T-Mobile. It seems to be going good so far. They just gave us the benifits package to fill out and it looks like it's pretty good, and it's a heck of a lot cheaper per month then we have ever payed. I am still trying to adjust to him being gone, and now the kids are here! So, if anybody is planning any little one-two day getaways and want some tag-a-longs let me know! (I meant me too, not just the kids)

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kanabanana said...

They grow up so fast!! We have one more week of school here. I will be in town June 10-13, so hopefully we can meet up then.