Monday, November 30, 2009


This month Dustin got the student of the month award. It was a surprise for him, so that is his pleased grin. I made some turkey cupcakes for the ladies that I visit teach and some for Alexis' preschool class. I thought they looked like turkeys, but my kids asked me what they were.

We spent Thanksgiving at Mike's dads house. The day after was Dustin's birthday. Since it was black Friday, Mike had to work. So we let him open his present that morning and had his cake on Sunday. Unfortunatly, uncle Eddie had a little bike accident (and broke both collarbones) on Friday, so Alice was going to stay home with him and my parents were going to bring the kids over, but...

Miss Alexis decided to climb up on the kitchen counter and fell off. Mike and I were both cooking dinner, so we were right there when it happened. Mike picked her up and I lifted her sleeve. The arm was already swollen and had a nasty lump on it. And she was screaming. We decided we'd better not put her in her carseat, so we called an ambulence. We were having friends over for dinner and they pulled up right when it happened and heard the screaming. We let them in and immediatly gave her a blessing. When they sat her in the ambulence, she was very pale and was swaying. She looked like she was going to pass out. That's about when my parents pulled up. Mike rode with her in the ambulence. I went inside with our friends and we went ahead and ate dinner, then did the cake and icecream for Dustin. They had to cut Alexis' shirt off of her. It was new. She cried about it, so the EMT's went back to the hospital and took her a teddy bear. They xray'd her and could not see a break, but her arm was sooooo swollen, and she flinched and yelled and almost cried every time it was touched. They put it in a hard splint and a sling and sent us home. We were told to see an orthopedist today. So today, they took her out of the splint and straightened her arm to xray it from all angles and she started crying again. It is still very swollen and black and blue. It just looks wrong. It looks like her elbow is broken, but with the swelling as bad as it is they cannot cast it. They put her back in the splint and sling and told us not to touch it for a week. They will re-xray it next week and decide what to do. They said that when they are this young, the bones are still pliable, so they can go up to two weeks before something needs to be done. It is not hurting her as long as she doesn't move it. Too much excitement here. Let's hope for a quiet December.


kanabanana said...

Happy Birthday to Dustin and Emily!! Glad Alexis is o.k. for now, we'll all keep praying that nothing is broke!

Kendra said...

That's awful about Alexis, poor thing. I can't even imagine the pain that poor girl was going through. Hope everything turns out good.