Friday, September 5, 2008

My first view of the canyon.
Down the trail a ways.
No trees blocking this view
The Colorado river. We wanted to hike down there, but the shortest trail was 7.5 miles one way. We were confidant that we would make it down, it was the getting back up that worried us.
And, finally, a beautiful sunset under those monsoon clouds.

I know I said I would post the pictures below, but the silly thing posts everything backwards. Does any body else have this problem? Or am I just blogger illiterate?


Jen Wolff said...

Wow! I am glad you were able to get away! Hey,I have been having those moments a lot lately! Come pity party with me as I work myself to the bone! Want to do some more assisting? The slide show of the wedding is up. The link is on my family blog. i still have your CF card, but it came up as corrupt. Can Mike get the images off?

My So Called Life! said...

Oh my gosh Mike you didn't tell me that you had a blog.. You should mention this kind of stuff on your myspace. Anyway, I love it.. Nice pictures. I am going to add you guys to my blog ok. check mine out.